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Things just aren't right. You've been struggling to feel better, but it just seems like you can't get there. On paper, it may look like it should be fine – but inside, it's just not. Relationship issues, Sadness, Stress and Anxiety can really take a toll and derail you from the life you want. Transitions, Change and Loss can stop you in your tracks. You want to get moving along again and feel good, but you're struggling with how to get there. Maybe you thought you could "deal", but the Pain, the Hurt and the Confusion doesn't go away.

Changes happen. Maybe your relationship is in crisis or over or perhaps you are personally in a tough spot. Either way, the fighting, the emptiness and exhaustion are too much. It can be hard to understand how life got to this point.

You want to feel better and may feel overwhelmed or lost. We all experience ups and downs and problems in life. While it's normal to struggle with life's issues, it isn't easy. Things can get complicated quickly and it becomes difficult to navigate the way. Whether your relationship needs help or you as an individual need help, it might be really helpful to begin to talk about it in therapy.

My name is Mary and I'd like to help you with the conversation. Your life and your situation are unique and important. There is hope and a path to finding the right solutions for you.

You're not alone. Please give me a call at (310) 469-2871 and we can begin to sort it out.

I look forward to meeting you.

Warm regards,
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